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Architecture is concerned with the design and construction of buildings in their sociological, technical and environmental contexts. There is increasing recognition of Architecture as one of the top intellectual disciplines, an art form and a technical profession intimately linked with the single largest sector of investment in the economy. Architects are called upon to design and execute building projects and resolve other issues related to the manmade environment in a variety of settings.

ORNEK DESIGN STUDIO aims a high level of contextual excellence in architectural design. Both design and site exercises are viewed with crucial inputs being provided by experts specializing in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Arts, Industrial Design, Building Services.

ORNEK is committed to provide adequate professional services at a higher degree level for each and every individual Projects. It helps the team not only in achieving professional excellence but also satisfy the building end users and client as well. The thrust of the company is on imparting knowledge of planning, scheduling and monitoring so that building projects are completed within the stipulated time, cost and quality parameters.

This is done by disseminating techniques of management such as project analysis, operational research, financial and contract management, material and labor management, cost and quality control, advanced methods of construction, selection of building and structural systems, building science, specialized services.

ORNEK will be happy to have valuable suggestions and inputs from all concerned towards the betterment of their projects and company always.

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